Private Chef - Brett Gilbert

Chef Brett Gilbert owner operator and creator of Perth Chef Hire. Perth's most trusted caterer.

About our menus

”When we design and prepare your menu, we prepare it as  if we were sitting down to party or eat with you! Every element of our dishes and their components, are tried, tasted and pre-plated in our test kitchen, to ensure perfect balance and harmony throughout. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to experience it for yourself one day with our tried and trusted private chef hire service”.

Brett Gilbert 

Perth Chef Hire 

Menu Options - Sit Down Dinner Party Catering


Suit as an entrée or degustation option only**

GF = Gluten Free

V = Vegetarian

VG = Vegan

The Land

Wagyu rare, horseradish crème, mustard, curry apple puree** 

Wagyu tataki, cured melon, avocado, tamari, soy, ginger** (GF)

Pork belly, skin puff, beans, peas, heirlooms, oats, apple (GF)

Venison, shard, wasabi, cauliflower, daikon, curried quince, rice, mustard seed (GF)

Za'atar crumbed lamb, ratouile, ra sel hanout, date, mustard seed 

Wagin duck, massaman, coconut, shallot, duck fat potatoes, melange of thai herbs (GF)

Chicken breast, corn ragout, yolk, smoked mushroom, skin (GF)

Wagyu, potato, pickle, ash, curried butter, watercress (GF)

The Sea

Blue manna crab, passionfruit and sprout salad, daikon, avocado** (GF)

Kingfish sashimi, lemon, black garlic, horseradish, fennel, coral crisp** 

Marron, black tea dashi, kohlrabi, mushroom, furikake** (GF)

King prawns, bacon, asparagus, buttermilk, Geraldton wax, (GF)

Red emperor, eucalyptus, wild mushroom, samphire, fig  (GF)


Beetroot, smoked yoghurt, pickle, beet curd, cinnamon, shard (GF V)

Mushroom and ricotta ravioli, basil, squash blossom, parmesan (V)

Heirloom carrots, beans, peas, tarragon, horseradish (GF V)

Eggplant, corn mole, artichoke, coriander, sprouts (GF VG)


White chocolate crèmeux, banana 3 ways, sesame, caramelised yuzu (GF)

Grapefruit panna cotta, coconut sorbet, gin, lime, melon, yoghurt (GF V)

Frozen chocolate mousse, dulce de leche, salt, buttermilk sorbet, and spearmint (GF)

Coffee, caramel ice cream, peppermint, buckwheat, passionfruit (GF)


Chef’s selection of Western Australian cheese and seasonal accompaniments